What equipment do you need for classes?

All that is required for the majority of classes is an exercise mat, resistance bands and set of dumbbells. Many workouts only use only bodyweight.

Can I get classes on my smart TV?

Yes. If your smart TV is connected to your home WiFi you’ll be able to use screen mirroring to play workout videos through this.

Do you have free classes?

To access any classes you’ll need set up an account. After you will have a week of no commitment trial.

You can find free classes in our Facebook



Do you have classes for beginners?

Clear instructions and hundreds of beginner videos make this platform an excellent choice for beginners trying to start working out from home. Video guides and plenty of short duration and low-intensity classes mean that it isn’t intimidating either.

What type of classes to you offer?

Fit2Go offers a vast selection of classes from yoga, cardio, toning, barre, HIIT and dance.